I was challenged by the Psalmist this morning to live more unashamed of the gospel: “I have not hidden Your righteousness within my heart; I have spoken of Your faithfulness and Your salvation. I have not concealed You loyal love and Your truth from the congregation.” (Psalm 40:10-11)

It seems that the longer we have been a follower of Jesus, the less likely we are to speak up boldly about what He has done in our lives. Only by God’s grace and mercy are we in His family and if we aren’t careful we can become smug and self-righteous and fail to humbly and boldly—yes, I mean both—declare to those around us the marvels of His love.

I don’t want to hide His righteousness which comes to everyone who knows His salvation through faith in His Son Jesus. I don’t want to conceal the marvelous love of God that rescued an undeserving sinner like me or keep His truth of forgiveness and new life through faith in Jesus a secret. I want others to know the pardon, peace, and purpose that I have been given so they can enjoy these things as well. A good reminder for me that the goal of my life in light of God’s grace is to give Him glory.

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