With Governor Reynold’s proclamation lifting gathering restrictions on churches as long as they “implement reasonable measures … to ensure social distancing … increased hygiene practices, and other public health measures”, you might be wondering what we’re looking to do as far as re-opening regular meetings at Creekside.

Beginning Sunday, May 17th, if you feel safe doing so, you may attend a simplified service at Creekside at 10:30. Capacity will be limited, meeting spaces and seating will be arranged to keep with social distancing guidelines, and steps will be taken to sanitize common areas.

The time we’re taking to make those preparations and work on logistics is to make sure we do this as safely as possible. At least initially, we won’t be offering Sunday school, nursery or refreshments, so feel free to bring your own coffee. Expect a lot of tolerance for noisy kids, and we’ll do what we can to make the service palatable for children as well as adults! For communion, you’ll have available individual pre-packaged wafers and juice. We’ll start simple with the goal of a gradual return to the meetings and activities we’re used to, Lord willing.

Keep in mind that coming to church May 17th is completely optional, but we are requesting those who are age 65 or older, or at a higher risk for severe illness, to continue to self-isolate for a while. And of course, if you feel ill, or you or anyone in your family are exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms (especially coughing or fever), please stay home. For those worshiping at home we will continue to provide live stream broadcasts of our services.

For greater details on the first phase of our re-opening, download this this PDF. Any questions can be directed to our deacons or elders. In the meantime, here’s a video preview of what Sundays will look like as we begin to re-open church to public gatherings. Stay well!

Here’s a short video preview of what to expect beginning May 17th at Creekside.
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