After major disruptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, life began to return to a new normal in 2021. The availability of a vaccine made a number of individuals comfortable returning to church “in person” but “Welcome to those here in person, and those joining us online” has become a standard greeting on Sunday mornings.

We were able to host a picnic on July 4th, and offer snacks to neighbors joining us to watch fireworks on the lawn, a welcome return to normalcy. Then, with AWANA starting back up in the fall, we returned to the full slate of activities we were accustomed to in the past – a meal together, AWANA, Youth Group, Men’s and Women’s Bible Studies once again offered something for each age group in our school-year ministries.

Teaching and Discipleship

In 2021 we continued preaching through Matthew on Sunday mornings, with Wednesday night small group Bible studies in Genesis, Timothy, Ecclesiastes, Acts and Romans.

During the summer months we learned about Critical Race Theory from a Biblical worldview, and were blessed to host Pastor Jamel Crawford who offered a scriptural perspective on racial reconciliation.

Pastor Steve continues to mentor a group of young men called the Timothy Team, building leaders of future generations. 

Baptism, Membership

We also were able to hold a “Get to Know Us” class, and have been seeking to get better acquainted with a number of new folks who have been visiting as normal activities resumed.

We were encouraged to be able to hold baptisms in February, and in August, as 4 individuals expressed their desire, and followed up with publicly identifying themselves as disciples of Jesus Christ.

Cross-Cultural Missions

We were also encouraged by a visit from Matt and Trista Deever, who have now headed back to Asia. In September, a team of seven individuals went on a short-term mission trip to Haiti, where they served in the gospel, as well as ministering to many practical needs, and we had the privilege of hearing stories of God’s grace from their trip. We have been encouraged by our growing relationship with Jude Augusma, who is a missionary to Haiti with connections to Creekside through our history with Olivet church, and runs a Christian school in Haiti.

Local Outreach

We were unable to host our regular Easter Egg Hunt, but as mentioned earlier the July 4th picnic and fireworks watch was able to resume.

Throughout 2021 the elders spent time considering Creekside’s impact in the community and ways to encourage one another to reach out to our neighbors, drawing people everywhere to a devoted relationship with Jesus Christ. We will be looking to share ways to encourage the engagement that is already going on, as well as to reach our neighbors with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Be assured that you are being prayed for by your elder team, and we desire to see each individual grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (1 Peter 3:18). God’s blessings in the upcoming year!

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