My parents recently had a moving sale as they transitioned from life on the farm to living in town. Preparation for the auction of their belongings and sale of their acreage has been time consuming, physically tiring, and emotionally draining for them.

When we experience the demands of seasonal changes and add a few extra work, family, and ministry responsibilities, it’s easy to find ourselves overwhelmed and merely pushing ahead rather than truly pleasing the Lord.

The Psalmist offers profound perspective to keep us rooted in God’s purposes and responding with our praises in every season, struggle, and situation of life.

“Teach me Your way, O Lord; I will walk in Your truth; Unite my heart to fear Your name. I will give thanks to You. O Lord my God, with all my heart, and will glorify Your name forever.” (Psalm 86:11-12) If God teaches him the way, the writer will be obedient. If the Lord unites his heart to fear God, the writer will thank God with his whole heart and glorify His name forever.

Obedience to, reverence for, and exuberance in the Lord are not just for when God’s way is pleasant, His word is popular, and His worship is painless.

Kindness when we’re fatigued, patience when we’re overwhelmed, forgiveness when we’ve been wronged, generosity when we’re struggling financially, serving others when we’re sapped, praying for our enemies, and praising God in our adversity results from a “please the Lord,” not merely “push ahead” spirituality.

“…will walk…will give Thanks, will glorify Your name…” are choices made in the daily grind of life because “Your lovingkindness…is great and You have delivered my soul from the depths of death.” (Psalm 86:13)

Pleasing the Lord even when life is piling on is possible only for the recipients of God’s loyal love—those whose souls are delivered from death like David’s (Psalm 86:13) because of His descendant Jesus who rose from the dead (Psalm 16:10-11).

Jesus promised that “everyone who lives and believes in Me will never die” (John 11:26). Believers in Christ die physically but live eternally and are empowered by the Spirit to thank and glorify God now, even in adversity.

We aren’t ultimately in control of our life situation, but believers in Christ can control our reaction. Gratitude for deliverance from eternal death motivates true believers to obedience, reverence, and exuberance—thanking and glorifying God even when life is hard.

Lord, may we desire, declare, and demonstrate David’s petition and motivation in Psalm 86:11-13, and so glorify you in every situation.

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