The first known meeting of what is now Creekside Church was held in 1912 in the Plymouth Brethren tradition. The group met in various homes and halls on the east side of Des Moines until a building was purchased at 800 Des Moines Street in 1921 which was known as the Central Gospel Chapel.

The group moved into the church building at 3200 Lincoln in 1954, having completed much of the construction with volunteer labor. The group adopted the name Cornerstone Community Church in 1989. In April of 2000, we sold the building on Lincoln Avenue and moved into Des Moines Christian School’s Timberline Campus in Urbandale and sought land for a permanent facility. From 2004, and over the next nine years, we rented space for our main services at a conference center and two Johnston schools while we undertook two separate land purchases with the plan to build. In July of 2013, however, the Lord led us to purchase a wonderful building from Olivet Baptist Church in Urbandale, where we currently meet.

We are an independent, evangelical Christian church not affiliated with any denomination. We seek to be neither Plymouth Brethren, Baptist, nor a mainline congregation, but to simply reflect the New Testament pattern for the church as best we can.


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