June 10, 2010 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm America/North Dakota/Center Timezone
Simpson Barn
6169 North Glenn Dr. Johnston

It’s been thought that we should explain the idea behind this toddler shower– as it’s not typical for us at CCC to do this for older children– but it’s simply because we didn’t ever get a chance to welcome Olivia to our church when she was newborn, because of scheduling conflicts. Sylvie is the first O’Byrne born at CCC, and since we were used to having their family here for a while we had forgotten that she was their ‘first’ CCC baby! So, though we are late in our celebrating we are trying to ‘make up for lost time’ and also thought it a ‘good excuse’ to bring the ladies that are available together for a time of fellowship!

Thank so much for your support! ~ and please, if you are not available, do not feel badly! 😉 For those that are available, we are looking forward to being with you and having some spiritual and physical food! 🙂

Here is the shower info. again, just in case any of you missed it, and it has a spelling correction for Sylvie!

Please note a couple things about the baby/ toddler shower that will be taking place this next Thursday evening for Grant & Ann’s daughter Olivia and Tim & Kara’s daughter Sylvie:

Location: Simpson Barn, located behind the Johnston Public Library @ 6169 North Glenn Dr. Johnston
It will be fun to have an activity in this historical building!

Time: Thursday, June 10th @ 7pm.

Gift: Since these babies are closer to toddlers now the needs may be different.
If you would like to contribute to a group gift/ or gift card idea please write me back right away to let me know of your plan, so I can purchase them. Don’t feel the group gift is a ‘lazy way to go’ as the purchase of something bigger might be a blessing for older children. If you have ideas of your own for what to get them, that is great too!