August 9, 2010 all-day America/North Dakota/Center Timezone
Raccoon River

Any questions please email njwise06@gmail.com.
Deadline to Respond: We must have an accurate count of everybody who is going by August 2nd in order to arrange rides and make sure that we have the right amout of kayaks and canoes. If you are bringing friends, we need to know by August 2nd also.

Time: Leaving DSM around 8am, returning around 7pm. Plan on all day! We will arrange transportation with you as needed to the river access point and back since it is an hour drive from the Metro area.

Where: Racoon River, near Redfield, IA
We will be doing a 7.8 mile trip that runs from the Middle Raccoon River Access or the Cowless Access to the Redfield Dam. This trip is estimated to take around 5-6 hours. (This is a change from the first email sent out, but this trip is better suited to the mix of experience for the kids and also a little less expensive.)

Bringing Friends:
This is a great opportunity to bring friends. However, they will have to have the wavier signed by their parents in order to come.

Things to bring:

Jr Highers will need to bring the following:
Parent release form – signed by parent! (you cannot go without this!) This form is attached to this email, please print and sign.

A water bottle to drink. It is important to stay hydrated – this will come with you on the river.

Sunscreen, hat, & sunglasses are advised.

Sack Lunch. We will be stopping to enjoy a sack lunch while on the river, please bring non-perishable snacks that you enjoy for yourself. Soda is not recommended as it can dehydrate you. We will not have cooler space available, so if you wish, you may bring a small cooler but is must fit in your kayak with you or be worn purse style.

Sandals or shoes that can get wet for walking on the sandbars – beware that they may get lost if they are loose fitting.