January 24, 2010 @ 12:00 pm – January 26, 2010 @ 4:00 pm America/North Dakota/Center Timezone
Camp Fairwood

Dear Parents,

Jamie and I are working on a plan for a Jr. High Retreat at Camp Fairwood in Wisconsin. The details for the actuall Jr. High Retreat should be finalized on their website (www.campfairwood.org) this week. I have the inside scoop because my Uncle is the camp director. This is a wonderful christian camp that uses nature and the serenity of the its location in drawing people closer to the Lord. They are having their Annual Jr. High Retreat Jan 29 and 30th. They will have a speaker that will speak on three different occasions on Friday night, and twice on Saturday. It usually runs from around 5pm on Fri to around 2pm on Saturday. and includes the overnight use of cabins and three meals. The cost is usually around $40.

Jamie and I would like to plan an intense bible digging/learning retreat. Our plan would be to leave Friday morning and come back on Sunday afternoon between 2-4pm on the 31st. After all the other campers would leave on Saturday after the last general session, we will be doing a work project for the camp and further time of learning in the Bible. I will be going thru a crash corse in the book of Epheasians with the Jr. Highers Saturday afternoon thru Sunday Morning with specfic emphasis on Eph 4:17-5:2. I would like to ask all the Jr. High going on the trip to work on memorizing this specfic section in which Jamie and I will pay half of the $40 fee should the complete it by the time we go on this retreat. I will also have a quick study guide for all interested going on the trip that I would like the Jr. Highers to fill out over the book of Eph before going so that they will have a little background before launching into this study. Obviously, this would require the help and encouragement from you as parents.

Right now, I am trying to see if there would be enough interest for this trip. This would require that the kids get out of school on the 29th. As you can see, the goal of this trip is to draw people closer to the Lord. Yes there will be fun times of outside things and activities to participate in, However this will not be a time to play video games and watch movies. As we work on planning this, I would covet your prayers that God would be honored and glorified through this and that our young people would grow closer in their walk with the Lord.

Please let me know if you would be interested as soon as possible. This wouldn’t be a commitment from you yet, it will just help give me an ideal on how to arrange my work schedule accordingly and see if their is enough interest to go. I am excited about this and we look forward to hearing from you. Please let us know either via e-mail or calling.

Nathan & Jamie

P.S. We won’t be at Jr. High group this week Wed the 16th. Jamie and I will be taking a little Christmas vacation to see some friends and go skiing. This is all of course Lord Willing. However, Jr High will still be meeting and Nick will be leading the small group study time.