November 6, 2015 – November 7, 2015 all-day America/North Dakota/Center Timezone
Emmaus Bible College
2570 Asbury Rd, Dubuque, IA 52001
United States

Women, Emmaus Bible College invite you to our second annual Women in the Word conference, Friday and Saturday, November 6-7 at EBC in Dubuque!

Our speaker is Dr. Sue Edwards, a gifted teacher and, more importantly, student of the Word. Her topic is God’s Big Ask: Walk With Her – Loving, Understanding, and Guiding a New Generation of Godly Women. Our very special musical guest is Sara Groves! She will be leading music for the conference and closing our time together with a concert in the Emmaus Marble Chapel!

Over five hundred times in Scripture, God commands us to pass on our faith to those who follow behind, whether we are eighteen or eighty. Labels vary, from mentoring, discipling, coaching, or spiritual mothering, but the purpose is similar–to help women become all-in fully-developed Christ-followers. Young women hunger for these kinds of relationships, but did you know that their dropout rate in traditional mentoring is as high as eighty percent in the first six months? Mentoring methods and styles that worked for older generations don’t work today. The formal, structured, curriculum-centered, mentor-centered approach favored by many older women does not appeal to younger generations. They crave a more organic, natural connection, and, surprisingly, as older women discover this new approach, their excuses not to mentor will vanish. The spiritual futures of generations of young women are at risk unless older women learn to love, understand, guide, and walk with them. We need a mentoring revolution and this conference will teach you how!

Please join us! Make plans with friends in your local area to spend the weekend in Dubuque-studying the Word, singing with Sara Groves, and enjoying fun and fellowship with friends, old and new. The cost of the conference is $50, which includes Saturday lunch at Emmaus, the Sara Groves concert on Saturday evening, and even some special treats like Eric’s Famous Scones! You won’t want to miss it!

Any questions, contact Amy Johnson or Debbie Short.