7/10 Wednesday Night Series: Letter to the American Church & Prayer Response 

Times are changing in America. How should the church respond? “Letter to the American Church“, a film adapted from the book of the same title by Eric Metaxas, describes the parallels between early 1930’s Nazi Germany and other totalitarian regimes with what is happening in America today, and how the church has been mostly silent facing this evil. Eric and several other leading conservative voices describe cultural Marxism‘s invasion of the nation and the church and present a wake-up call to the church to stand against the evil that is manifesting in our country. Over three Wednesday evenings (June 19, June 26, and July 10) we will view the film at Creekside and discuss what our response should be biblically to the surrounding culture. To tie what we’ll have learned and discussed together with a God-directed response, on Wednesday, July 17th, Norb Metzler will share about the importance of Scripture memorization, and we’ll conclude the summer series on July 24th with an evening of prayer. We’ll begin each night at 6:30, end our study at 7:30, and enjoy a time of refreshments afterwards (root beer floats this Wednesday!). Childcare will be provided for kids through age 7. Contact Doug Elrick with any questions.

8/4-9/1 ‘Because You Asked’ Sermon Series

Often times we have questions about God, how to interpret a particular Bible passage, how we’re supposed to apply God’s word in a particular situation. Or whether the Bible even addresses a particular issue, or what we should say to a critic who offers a specific objection about the Christian faith. Creekside’s elders believe that in our emphasis on preaching through books of the Bible we will eventually and sometimes frequently be able to address questions of concern to the body of believers at Creekside. We also realize that there may be some questions that we could address sooner in a short mini-series of sermons. Beginning August 4th and through September 1st, we are planning a five week series entitled, “Because You Asked” where we hope to address several of your burning questions with Biblically-based sermons crafted for the most pressing questions submitted by YOU—and thank you all for sending in your thoughtful questions! We’re looking forward to seeing what God has in store through this series!

Creekside hosted at its annual Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, March 30th, where hundreds of our neighbors (320 kids) from the community enjoyed a free breakfast, Gospel presentation, and egg hunt on the lawn!

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