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3 days ago

Creekside Church

Don’t stop here. Believe. ... See MoreSee Less

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3 days ago

Creekside Church

Hearing the good news without believing the good news does no good. ... See MoreSee Less

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In light of the dire consequence of unbelief mentioned in chapter 3, Steve Smith preached today from Hebrews 4:1-13, relaying two important instructions to keep us from falling short of entering “God’s rest”, emphasizing the necessity of genuine faith.

Hearing the good news
without believing the good news
does no good.

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Here you’ll find resources to help you learn and study the Bible.


Here you’ll find resources to help you learn and study the Bible.


Creekside U is a deeper-than-a-sermon look at important Christian topics. Each topic is two 2-hour classes divided into four sessions less than an hour each.



Mike Johnson and Mark Kline co-teach this overview of apologetics by defining the practice of defending Christianity, the role of faith, arguments for the existence of God, the reliability of the Bible, Creation and Flood debates, and the problem of evil.  (Download corresponding PDFs below to view slides while you listen).

• The what, why, who and how of apologetics
• The role of faith and reason
• The argument from reason for God’s existence
• The argument from morality for God’s existence
Download: Slides (PPS) • Handout (PDF)

• What are the different forms of the Word of God?
• How do we know the Bible is God’s word?
• How did we get our Bible?
• Are there any errors in it?
Download: Slides (PPS) • Handout (PDF)

• Are there any errors in the Bible?
• God’s publishing process
   – Manuscript evidence
   – Archaeological evidence
   – Prophetic evidence
   – Statistical evidence
Download: Slides (PPS) • Handout (PDF)

• How old is the Earth? How big was the Flood? How much does it matter?
• Too much evil and suffering in the world?
• Unanswered questions lead to atheism
Download: Slides (PPS) • Handout (PDF)


A Biblical teaching series on Eschatology, the study of end times, presented by Mark Kline, presented April 19th and 26th, 2015 at Creekside, Mark presents eschatological charts and views on the millennial reign of Christ (Download corresponding PDFs below to view slides while you listen). The 20-page booklet by John MacArthur, A Jet Tour Through Revelation, was also distributed in class and is available to read online or download here.

• Why Eschatology matters
• How and when Christ will return

• Building your own Eschatology chart
• The Millennium: 3 main views, interactive with charts and practical implications with each view
• Wrap up and final questions

• Overview of Revelation
• Will the Church go through the Tribulation?
   – Post-Trib, Mid-Trib, summary of arguments and rebuttals
   – Top 10 Pre-Trib arguments, answers to rebuttals

• Judgment and eternal punishment, a sobering reality
• Eternal life: What will Heaven be like?
• Wrap up and final questions


Everyone knows we should share the gospel with those who are far from God. But how do we actually reach our relational network with the gospel? What steps do we need to take along the way in order to share the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ? 

We hosted Brett Ricley for a workshop on July 5th specifically designed to answer these questions and more. Brett presented simple and practical methods for sharing your story, sharing the gospel, and approaching your relational network with intentionality and grace. This training workshop was designed to help equip new followers of Jesus as well as seasoned saints with tangible ways to impact your community right where God has already placed you.

If you missed our training workshop, you can listen to the audio here. The very end of the recording is missing (mostly Q&A) due to a mic battery failing, but you can also view the outline and materials Brett handed out here.

Brett Ricley is an ordinary guy with a passion to see ordinary disciples of Jesus live out the extraordinary mission of God here on earth. Brett graduated from Nebraska Christian College in 2010 and has been in full-time ministry since 2008. Brett is a missionary and church planter and now serves as the Pastor of Mobilization at Redeeming Life Church in Salt Lake City, UT. Brett and his wife Nicole have were married in 2008 and have one son, Jonathan, and one daughter, Madison. You can follow along and learn more about Brett and his ministry at

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